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Providing UPL advice, and comprehensive solutions for the real estate industry by offering superior, attorney-based mortgage closings and settlement services in the following states:

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Georgia Connecticut
Massachusetts Delaware
New York West Virginia
South Carolina
North Carolina
New Jersey


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BC Docs was created to serve the mortgage industry with reliable, solutions for conveyance and mortgage-related documents. Our process is fast, affordable and state law compliant. Our secured, online website is user friendly. Our customer service is what sets us apart.

Our state-licensed attorney network ensures all documents are compliant to state specific nuances and requirements. In UPL states, each order is approved by a state-licensed attorney.





Technology is at the forefront of our services. Let us show you the integration possibilities with BC Law. We are integrated with the major settlement software solutions. Our integrations have been specifically designed to make our closing services and document prep/deed services work within your software solution.


BC Law provides unauthorized practice of law (UPL) advice and compliance solutions in Georgia, Massachusetts, New York, South Carolina, and Vermont.

BC Law contributes oversight, support and scheduling of outsourced legal work and interfaces with the client on how that legal work is applied. BC Law enlists network attorneys in each of the “UPL States” to assist with compliance solutions.

Title Transfer Insights

One in Three Buyers Makes Offers on Homes Sight Unseen

April, 20, 2018

It may be hard to believe, but about one in every three homebuyers now makes offers on homes before they’ve seen them in person. According to the results of a ...