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BC Law offers mortgage related document preparation services and attorney based mortgage closings to title and mortgage companies. Our network of attorneys are trusted by customers and respected within the mortgage industry for their commitment to end-to-end compliance. Our state-of-the-art document preparation system has achieved turn times of 1 to 2 hours for most states. All required documents are prepared with the assistance of, and are reviewed by, a state-licensed attorney to ensure state compliance and accuracy.

Who We Serve

BC Law is a top choice for Mortgage professionals and Title Insurance companies. Our mortgage closings, settlement solutions, UPL advice, and mortgage document preparation services allow our clients to remain compliant with state-specific regulations as they scale their business into new markets.


BC Law has decades of experience solving unique challenges in the mortgage industry. Our network of attorneys provide mortgage closings, settlement solutions, disbursement services, title transfer assistance, conveyance documents, and assist in mortgage related document preparation.

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Everyone at BC Law is responsive, helpful, and 100% dedicated to creating real value for our customers. If you are interested in having a network of legal professionals working for your success, contact us or become a client today !

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